A Slight Over Extension

But victory nevertheless!

We were called into the office and given our orders. We were to investigate a number of raids resulting in stolen goods from local villages. Our superiors wanted the culprits to be brought to justice. And we were happy to oblige.

The team went to one of the villages most recently hit, and tracked the perpetrators back to a small cave around nightfall. A familiar language crackled from it’s hall. Now, most of my knowledge of the goblin language cones from insults (“Hruggek says you ugly!” “Your mother is a bugbear!” and the only slightly archaic “Your wife only has mild body hair.”), but there were goblins in those hills.

Lan snuck inside to investigate the odds. 3 goblins, and some beetles. Beetles the size of small dogs. No problem. Lan also let us know of a trap that the goblins had set near the cave entrance. With this in mind, I thought a frontal assault into the cave would be the best option. They wouldn’t trap the area where they sleep, and Kord knows my eyes aren’t as good as the elf.

We quickly came upon the goblins, with Lan firing his arrows from a distance, Indra firing lightning bolts, and Rexgar and I charging to the front.

Now, this is the part where all good plans go awry.

Rex was intercepted and engaged by one of the beetles, leaving him separated from Indra and I. We were quickly set upon by the goblins, and not in an optimal position. Surrounded and overextended, I found myself in a position that I wish to avoid in the future: surrounded by goblins and beetles. Thankfully, where Lan’s bees often fail, his bats provided great assistance to us. Distracting the enemy allowed some room to breath, a quick word to Rex helped point out an opening in the beetle’s defenses, and he was able to join us. Indra, unleashing lightning and thunder fury, had found himself in an unadvantageous position. I quickly shoved one of the goblins away from him, and created an opening for him to move to better ground. I shouted some encouraging words to him, and he was back to his normal, scaly, lightning-throwing form.

After that point, we fell into place as well-oiled cogs. Indra and Rex made short work of the remaining beetles and goblins, with one dropping it’s arms to surrender. After mild interrogation, we discovered they were working for (in a sick goblin/orc sense) some orcs in the area that were using them to gather gold and goods.

So let me ask you: what do you do with a surrendering goblin? You tie him up, and take him back to the settlement that he stole from. Justice is done.

All in all, the battle was good. The discipline and fervor the team displayed is a wonderful sign. I learned much about the ebb and flow of the battlefield in this short time. I must share this experience with Uncle Cato the next time I return to Waterdeep, though I don’t know when that time will be.

Did I mention before that the beetles spit hellfire? Yeah, they do.



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