Fire in the hole!

The trail, rather easy to follow, led us straight to the brigand’s hideout – a natural tunnel leading into an otherwise non-descript hill. The next few moments would teach us that, even though some strange fate drew us together, our ragtag band of strange individuals will need to work out on how to be most efficient as a group. If it weren’t for Cyrus I’d probably be beetle food by now, but I’m skipping ahead.

Reaching the entrance of the cave, we were informed by Cyrus that judging by the sounds coming from inside we were dealing with goblins. Where and above all why would any human pick up Goblin? I’ll have to ask him about this, but at any rate it was indeed soon confirmed by Lan that we were dealing with a small band of goblins and two rather sizeable beetles. Fortunately for us his keen eye also spotted what was surely either an alarm system or some sort of trap. It was quickly decided that we would storm their little hideout in lieu of luring them out which, for the record, I found a lot safer. My tactical genius being dismissed there was nothing to it but follow my companions into the mouth of uncertain doom.

Fortunately for us, Lan was absolutely correct about the number of enemies. The pointy eared archer, aided by Cyrus’s direction, somehow managed to confuse the goblins, while the goliath skewered a beetle with his javelin. I on the other hand had the pleasure of burning a sizeable hole in the other beetle’s carapace and lightly burning one of the goblins. Oh how I love the smell of ozone in the morning!

Things seemed to proceed really well at first, but soon Cyrus found himself surrounded by all the goblins and a beetle. It was obvious that the creatures were afraid of the reach of his strange blade and the hesitation on their part was most likely what saved his hide. As it became clear that he needed some assistance, bats arrived in time to impede the goblins’ movement somehow directed by Lan. May Va’astliax burn me to cinders, but I could have sworn not having seen any bats in the surrounding area. Either way, the beetle I had lovingly caressed with the crackle of lightning decided to show off then and there by spewing a fiery substance. While I was able to sidestep the conflagration, Cyrus wasn’t so lucky. Unfortunately the energy I had been building up in order to release my lightning breath fizzled because of this and all I was able to do was give Cyrus some extra energy. Those flying mice were impeding my ability to move as well! This led to a very up-and-close and extremely unpleasant experience with the goblin’s short swords. I believe I know fully understand why so many humans want to stay in their homes and perform something less dangerous, such as baking or knitting. But I digress. The wounds, though grievous, were not lethal and thanks to Cyrus’s help I was able to get out of the miasma of bats. It seems that his years in the military have honed his ability to spur others into doing what needs to be done.

During this time Rexgar cleaved the other beetle in twain and that seemed to be the prelude for our victory. Deciding to stay well out of reach of those swords and mandibles, I flung a lightning bolt into one of the goblin cronies, dropping it, while also starting to incinerate their pathetic excuse of a leader. We made short work of him and the remaining beetle, leaving one goblin who decided that surrender was the best option. This was actually a good thing as we learned that they were pillaging from the village on orders from orcs (how many orcs though…). While it was a clean victory on our side, there’s definitely room for improvement.


I have to say Indra. Your connection to the lightning spirits is one I am deeply impressed with. You seem able to bend it to your will with but a thought. Every time I would look over to you, you were shocking our foes. By the end of the battle, there was so much charge in that cave that all the hairs on my arms were like needles pointing straight out. While I prefer the broader connection to nature as a whole that I have with the spirits, there is a strength in strengthening the bond with just one aspect as you have done.

Just, next time, remeber. Fire beats lightning….Damn beetles.

Fire in the hole!

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