Goblins Full of Fire Beetles

I'm all in.

I think I remember a meeting with Black Hand and maybe traveling… somewhere? I was mostly just daydreaming about throwing small humanoids into lava.

Eventually we came to a cave, which was kind of cool. I like caves. And rocks. I like big rocks. The cave was making noise. Goblin noise. That makes my axe happy. And my punching arm. Strategies were explained.

Option 1: Rush in with axe held high. Possible roaring.
Option 2: Find a large rock. Wait for goblins to come out. Drop rock on goblins.

I was okay with either plan. We went with option one. The goblins had red beetle friends. I greeted one with the pointy end of a javelin. It made a nice hat. My mates wasted little time conjuring all their fancy stuff. Lots of bats and bees and lightning. Cyrus thought it was a good idea to rush in past me. His prayers to Kord mush have been strong that day. Ha!

A good amount of smashing and zapping and beetle fire breath later we gained the upper hand and the battle was soon won. The lightning-dragon-man had bested me in kill count this time, but the final tally has yet to come.

Not much in the way of spoils. Some new pointy javelins and a goblin prisoner. I would have just let him go. I’m sure his mother is worried for him. Bahahaha.



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