Orcs? Why did it have to be orcs?

After dispatching the goblin menace, and hearing of the orcish employers, it is time to head back to the Black Hand and get your next job. Dagol, your immediate superior, wants you to go after the orcs and put a stop to there raids on the local villages. He feels that by going after the orcs, any of the smaller raid groups will dissipate once they find that they are no longer being pressured into service.

Dagol has sent out scouts to try to get some information for you, and he feels that he might have a location of the orc’s settlement. About 50 miles south of Waterdeep is a small village of Newstark. There has been a much larger presence of orcs and goblins sighted near this village. Seeming to steam from a ruined keep near the town. Local’s say this keep is haunted and you can hear the screams of the damned after midnight.

Your job, investigate the keep, slay the orcs, and bring peace to the locals.



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