The Cult of Who?

You spend your evening drinking your fill and eating more then you should. The innkeeper gives you a room for the night and you plan to be on your way back to Waterdeep in the morning.

As you drift into sleep, you find yourself sitting again in the field where you met the old man. You walk towards the middle of the field where he is sitting, he smiles at you.

“Welcome back child, I was hoping to speak with you soon. Know this, your fragile world hangs in the balance, after the setback with the orc’s, the Hand now finds you as a threat. But the Hand is not the master, just a pawn in a larger game. The Hand works for the Cult, and the Cult works for something far more sinister. Find the stones before the cult does. Your employers will send for you, you will not be making the return trip home. Instead you will be going near the Shadowfell, let us hope you do not have to venture into it.

Beware child, for you have more enemies then allies at this time."

As you start to wake at first light, you find yourself in your room at the inn, you walk downstairs to meet up with your comrades, and you see a man wearing the Black Hand tabard.

(Cyrus notices that the Black Hand looks a lot like the symbol of Bane)

He hands you a note with your new instructions.

The note reads:
“Travel north to the village of Winterhaven, they have employed us to find out what is happening in a ruined castle near by. Sounds of screams and other unholy noises have been coming from the keep as of late. Investigate the castle, dispose of the creatures causing the disturbances, and report back to Waterdeep.”

As your group leaves town to go north to Winterhaven, you hear the old man’s voice in your head…..

“Beware the Hand”



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