Wake my Children

You remember the vibrating gemstone atop the goblin staff, you remember the lightning bolt coursing through each of you, then you remember nothing.

You wake to the sounds of birds, the warm sun on your face brings you back to consciousness. Opening your eyes you see yourself in the middle of a meadow, not sure of how you got here. Your companions are no where to be found, the only creature here is a man sitting at a table in the middle of the field.

As you approach him, he smiles at you. He asks you to sit, hear his story, for it is about you.

“Time is short my son, there is much work to be done. The crystals, 9 total are the key to your destiny, you must find them before the hand does. Each crystal will grant you power, but the wicked church is watching you. The power of lightning is yours now, use it and smite your enemies.”

As the man completes his story, your vision once again goes black. You now lay on a cold stone floor, you hear a human speaking in some guttural language. Then you hear a door slam shut.

As you open your eyes to get an idea of your surroundings, you see that you are in a cell.

The man from your dream whispers in your ear…..

“Wake now my children, for the hand can not be trusted”

Player note*
You all gain +2 lightning damage



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