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The Backdrop

Ten years ago all divine powers disappeared. It seemed that all the gods cut off communication with all of their worshipers. In the chaos of it all, one “unified” church came to the forefront, seeming to have all of their divine powers where no one else did. This church became the law of the land, and as it grew in power, so did it grow in corruption. Now, 10 years since the Vanishing (which is what the locals call it) the gods have come back, but it’s not quite right.

Current day, we all work for the Black Hand mercenary company, which is a globally sponsored organization shrouded in a little mystery as we don’t know exactly who is pulling the strings. We are new hires and the company is looking into how to fit us into their plans. The four of us will be a hand-selected cell group.

A Convergence of Destiny

All living beings share a path toward the future, but on rare occasion certain individuals are so connected to each other that the ribbons that guide their path become intertwined. This story tells in part the history and convergence of the destiny of four souls who have only yet begun to glimmer.

Rexgar Rocksplitter stands towering over his fellow Goliaths, leading a hunting party from his mountain home down into the plains to track antelope. Food and supplies have been thin this summer and as such this outing is especially important. Rexgar spots the herd below a ridge and orders his people into position, but as they navigate down, a small rock pile becomes dislodged, rolls down, and echoes throughout the plain alerting the antelope who then race away. Rexgar lets out a roar and commands a full speed charge, giving chase to the edge of a small forest on the opposite side of the plain. Upon entering this forest, the tracks seem to almost disappear, but they cannot quit. They press deeper than any of them is comfortable doing and it is growing impossibly dark for midday.

A loud and terrible sound emerges from all around them. The company of Goliaths comes to a halt. A handful of antelope pass through. One Goliath separates from the group, takes a running start, and hurls a spear at a stray, getting a clean shot through the heart. His momentary joy and contentment is quickly replaced by shock and horror as a fifteen foot tall antelope steps out from the darkness and crushes that Goliath with one of his hooves. This beast is grotesque and disfigured and obviously not pleased with the Goliath presence here. A dense black and dark green haze emanates from all sides of the monster and all his little antelope friends that come within range acquire this same aura, become enraged and attack Rexgar and his group.

The battle is barely underway and things are not looking good for our Goliath friends. [This section would describe the details of how Kevin’s character reveals himself and helps fend off the lesser beasts. The greater still being too great a challenge. Soon after, Cyrus and Jurgen’s PC appear. Feel free to lead your character’s entrance with some of your back story.]

The four fated souls together trigger a magnificent display of silver light – a thin beam originating from each of them, collecting at a focal point, growing in strength, shooting up to a daytime moon that illuminates the dark forest and dispels the dark aura around the greater antelope. With the new-found advantage they gain an upper hand in the battle and conquer the monstrous antelope. Upon doing so all the lesser animals return to normal and prance off, leaving our heroes in awe of what has just transpired.

[At this point we would probably have proper introductions. On a group and/or individual level we all eventually enlist with the Black Hand (time frame TBD). Rexgar does this as a way to achieve his destiny. A way to see the world. He leaves his tribe with his tribe leader’s blessing. A joyful celebration sends him out into the world.]

An Explanation of Origins

The four of us all share the exact same birthday (day and year). Each of us was born under some type of sign or mystical event or similar depending on how your people interpret those things. We all share a similar looking 9-facet crystal-shaped birthmark on our left forearms. [I would like to suggest that this could be either a tattoo or a birthmark.] We would probably not be aware of the birthday overlap for some time. The crystal tattoo aspect is visual and would probably be addressed early, depending on how large Adam wants those markings and how sleeveless any of us is to trigger a conversation about it with others.

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